Luciano M. Bocanegra

Petra Gaia Founder

Luciano has more than 16 years of experience in the mining industry, with expertise in evaluation and exploration of mining assets. He has executed exploration works in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil. Formed in mining companies such Rio Tinto, Hochschild Mining, and since 2015 has worked as advisor and technical consultant in several international companies with projects in Latin America.
He obtained a postgraduate degree in certification and valuation of mining assets and he have developed strong skills in surface mapping, sampling, QA/QC, core logging, mineral vectoring and targeting in metal deposits of diverse commodities such copper, gold, silver, base metal, bauxites and diamonds.

Member of Society of Economic Geology (N ° 78650).
Member of Colegio de Geólogos de Chile (No. 172).
Member in the International Association of the Genesis of Ore Deposits.

Sebastian M. Via geólogo

Sebastian M. Via

Principal Economic Geologist

Sebastian has over 16 years experience in the mining industry, working for various mining companies such as Vale Explorations Chile, NGEx, First Quantum, Silver Standard and Hochschild Mining, and as a consultant on various projects in Latin America in countries like Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico.

He has extensive experience in planning, management and monitoring of mining exploration programs and expertise in mapping and logging in Au-Ag epithermal systems LS-HS and porphyry Cu-Au-Mo.

María Carolina Díaz Geólogo

María Carolina Díaz V.

Exploration and Spectral Geologist

María Carolina gained experience in mining companies such Freeport-McMoran and Lundin Mining, developing the exploration around Candelaria mine, one of the largest copper producer districts in Chile, and one of the biggest IOCG mine in the world. Also, she carried out researches in Sediment Hosted Gold Deposits in the San Antonio district.
Since 2016, María Carolina has acquired extensive experience in hydrothermal alteration and mineralization in different systems focused on spectral geology, and also the applied study over deleterious clays in engeeniering projects.

Member of Colegio de Geólogos de Chile (No. 608).

Jimmy Chilcumpa Guerrero

Senior Economic Geologist

Jimmy has +24 years of experience in geological mineral exploration: (Au, Ag, Cu, Zn, Mo, Pb, etc.). Main types of deposits explored: High Sulfidation Epithermal: Pueblo Viejo> 20 Moz Au, Dominican Republic; Low Sulfidation: Au-Ag-Qtz-Adu Veins, Chilean-Argentine Patagonia; Cu-Mo porphyries and Cu-Au porphyries; Sediment hosted gold deposits. Experience as a mine production geologist and quality control (QAQC) for laboratory validation. Organization, design and control of drilling programs: RC and DH core logging and interpretation work in sections and plants.

Oscar Arenas Garcia

Senior Economic Geologist

Oscar is a geologist from the Universidad de Chile with experience in HS and LS epithermal and porphyry type deposits. Strong experience in delineation, generation, development and control of drilling campaigns. Experience in contract administration, personnel management and cost control, design and implementation, geological mapping and interpretation of diamond and reverse circulation drill holes. Experience in planning and development of underground mapping and sampling. Experience in geological modeling and database management. Generation of safe work procedures with strong commitment in risk prevention and care for the environment.

Christian Aguilar

Senior Economic Geologist

Christian has 11 years of experience in geological exploration of minerals: Au, Fe, Cu, and Mo, and has been focused on porphyry copper and IOCG systems exploration. He has carried out exploration works in northern Chile, including 4 years of experience in the underground mining of IOCG type deposits related to mineralized structures.

Amadiel Contreras

Junior Economic Geologist

Geologist with four years of experience in mining industry and academic teaching. He has worked in the mining exploration business, participating in drilling and mapping campaigns; diamond drilling; surface mapping; database work; and geological modeling sections. Additionally, he has developed in the academic field teaching subjects and as university assistant.

Suan-Lin Chiang Lock Vega

Junior Economic Geologist

Suan-lin is geologist of Universidad de Atacama, with four years of experience in the mining industry. He worked in mineral exploration focused on surface mapping, sampling and drilling campaigns; He also worked on geotechnical campaigns and detailed mapping of diamond drill holes; database work; and geological modeling sections.

Strategic Partners

Our purpose is to have strategic alliances with consultants and service companies in the mining industry that strengthen us to work like interdisciplinary teams, complementing in areas such as Remote Images, Geochemical Analysis, Engineering, Safety, Environmental Studies and highly qualified field technicians.

Partner Mineral Vector Services

A professional team that provides vectoring solutions to mining exploration from regional to local scale, focusing on the analysis, ordering, interpretation, to vectorize the variables towards a mineralized system.

Partner Field Manager Software

An Android supported GIS for field data capture and visualization,
focused in mining exploration works and geological mapping.
Easy learning and friendly use made by geologist for geologist.
Petra Gaia is proud representative for Field Manager in Chile.
Spectral Geoscience

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